Altos del Condor, Chardonnay 2021


  • Soft, round and fruity. Summery Chardonnay.
  • Tropical fruit and apple
  • Elegant chardonnay
  • Altos del Condor, Chardonnay

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The grapes are destemmed and then undergo cold stabilisation. After pressing, the must is cooled and fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The winemakers opt for cool temperatures and stainless steel to maximise the fruit flavours.
Grown from different vineyards in the Cuyo region, Argentina. The grapes are picked by hand.
Altos del Condor is made by Peñaflor, the market leader in Argentina. Altos del Condor is a range of accessible wines, inspired by the beauty of the Andes.
The wines have a fruity, juicy style with the character of Argentina.
Alma Andina is a premium wine brand by Peñaflor, in which the terroir of the Andes plays a central role. The name Alma Andina literally means ‘The Soul of the Andes’. By playing with differences in altitude and the different terroirs of the Andes, a very surprising range of wines is created in an affordable price range, with an enormous range in taste. From freshness and primary fruit, like in Torrontés, to tough, powerful Shiraz or Malbec.
Alma Andina is an excellent example of where man, cultural history, nature and taste come together: the taste of the Andes.
Peñaflor is the market leader in Argentina with a market share of almost 30%. The company owns more than 6000(!) hectares of vineyards mainly in Mendoza and San Juan. The company also has vineyards in Catamarca and Salta, situated further north, and is even represented on the Atlantic coast around Mar del Plata.

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