Bishop’s Leap, Sauvignon blanc 2022


  • Lemon yellow with a green glow.
  • Passion fruit, gooseberry and lemon.
  • Fresh and elegant
  • Great as an aperitif, but also delicious with a summer salad with chicken or goat cheese.

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Marlborough Valley WinesAfter harvesting, the grapes are pressed, avoiding contact with the skins as much as possible.
The juice is cold fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve their freshness.Marlborough Valley Wines is centrally located in the Wairau Valley in New Zealand’s Marlborough.

The winery uses grapes from carefully selected vineyards in Marlborough to make wines with pure fruit in a recognisable Marlborough style. The wines offer great value for money every vintage.

Marlborough is of course most famous for its Sauvignon Blancs. The region’s unique style is difficult to replicate in other parts of the world due to its special characteristics. The combination of well-draining soils, plenty of sunshine hours and a large temperature difference between day and night give the wines their distinctive, expressive character with pronounced notes of tropical fruit.
The winery takes great care with leaf management and proper yields in the vineyard. This keeps the vines healthy and disease-free. As a result, the fruit is always of high quality.
The winery makes the popular line Bishop’s Leap, which refers to the Maori legend of a bishop from Marlborough. The bishop was pursued by Maori and therefore jumped high off a cliff into the Wairau River, which is so important today as a source of life for the many vines in the area. Both the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in this line stand out for their pure fruit profile and pleasant freshness.


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Grape variety

Sauvignon blanc

Country of origin

New Zealand



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