Château d’Astros, Cuvée Augustine blanc, BIO 2022


  • Fresh and clean, well balanced,
  • Light citrus and white fruit notes, with noticeable unique notes of juicy peach and plum.
  • Château d’Astros, Cuvée Augustine blanc

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“At Château d’Astros, we prioritize the preservation of the wine’s freshness and aromas by harvesting grapes at night, minimizing oxidation. Our commitment to traditional and organic winemaking methods ensures the highest quality in every bottle.
The story of Château d’Astros is an epic journey spanning over eight centuries, intertwining Knights Templar, Renaissance figures, and Marseille’s bourgeoisie. In 1963, Bernard Maurel, the current owner, injected new life into the estate. He introduced new grape varieties and constructed a modern cellar, producing our first AOC Côtes-de-Provence wines from 1970. While the estate originally focused on red wine, it later specialized in the art of crafting rosé wines.

Today, Bruno Maurel, a priest at the Jean-Joseph Allemand Youth Institute in Marseille, represents the eighth generation, alongside his cousins, continuing the family legacy. In 2021, the Château d’Astros underwent a significant transformation by transitioning to organic farming, a decision stemming from the family’s unwavering commitment and beliefs. This family shares a profound love for the land and a passion for life, striving to share the treasures of this remarkable place.

Spanning 680 hectares of untouched, picturesque terrain, this luminous land embodies the essence of life itself. Eighty hectares are dedicated to vineyards, while an additional ten hectares host thriving apple orchards. On one hand, we create exceptional organic wines within the AOP Côtes-de-Provence and IGP Méditerranée categories. On the other, we preserve the historical heritage that echoes the rich history of Provence.”

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Grape variety

Sauvignon blanc, Uni blanc



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Provence (Var)

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