Delheim, Chenin Blanc, Wild Ferment 2020


  • Rich, layered wine with notes of apricot.
  • Yellow apple and gooseberry
  • Subtle influences of wood.
  • Cream texture.
  • Delheim, Chenin Blanc, Wild Ferment

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“Delheim, Chenin Blanc, Wild Ferment: A Unique Winemaking Journey

In the heart of Stellenbosch, nestled at the foot of the iconic Simonsberg mountain, you’ll find the vineyards of the esteemed German wine family, the Sperlings. The manor, which would eventually become the renowned Delheim estate, was acquired in 1938 by Hans Otto Hoheisen and his wife Deli, thus giving the estate its name. Subsequently, in the 1950s, Michael Sperling and his wife Vera took the reins, setting the foundation for the thriving wine company we know today. Delheim has earned its reputation for exceptional Chenin Blancs and Pinotage.

Situated in the picturesque landscapes of Stellenbosch, where the South African sun lovingly bathes the rolling hills and endless vineyards, lies the enchanting Delheim Wine Estate. It’s a place where time appears to slow down, and winemaking is a cherished art passed down through generations.

Delheim’s rich history dates back to 1699 when the first vines took root in the fertile soil. But Delheim is far more than a mere winery; it embodies a lifelong dedication to sustainability and the pursuit of excellence.

Deep within Delheim’s vineyards, grapes are nurtured with unwavering care and attention, akin to precious treasures. Beneath the shade of majestic trees and amidst the watchful gaze of the surrounding mountains, the fundamental ingredients for our wines are nurtured.

These vineyards aren’t just a source of pride for Delheim but serve as a testament to their commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. The land is treated as a precious heritage, fostering biodiversity and minimizing chemical interventions.

Harvest time at Delheim is a joyous occasion. With baskets in hand, grape pickers meticulously select the ripest grapes from the vine rows, fusing Delheim’s legacy with the modern expertise of our winemakers.

The winemaking process unfolds within our cellars as the grapes are hand-processed and fermented. This is where the enchantment truly begins, with the aroma of fermentation filling the air as the grapes gradually metamorphose into the rich and intricate wines for which Delheim is celebrated.

But the journey doesn’t conclude here. Delheim’s cellars are an invaluable treasure trove, where wines mature and attain their full potential. A harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary methods is employed to perfect each bottle.

The pinnacle of this voyage is the “Edelstein” collection, Delheim’s prized gems. Among them, the Edelstein Chenin Blanc gleams like a resplendent diamond, while the Edelstein Cabernet Sauvignon beguiles the senses like a deep crimson ruby.

Delheim is more than just a winery; it’s a narrative of ardor, artistry, sustainability, and, above all, quality. It’s a place where aspirations flourish, and where the passion for wine and nature intertwine.”

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Chenin Blanc

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