Domaine la Grange, Édition -Castalides- 2015





  • Lots of black fruit.
  • A hint of vanilla and some pepper.
  • One of our favourites from our range.
  • Cassis, blackberries, nice spices. Slightly cedar wood
  • Domaine la Grange, Castalides Édition

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Southern France offers a variety of wine-producing regions and countless vineyards.
La Grange, however, is very special. It is uniquely located near the Haut Languedoc Natural Park. The Mediterranean climate creates optimal conditions for the grapes.
Natural influences, the natural environment give personality to these special fine wines. Rosemary, thyme and other aromatic herbs grow around the vineyards and give their fragrance and aroma to their wines.
Domaine la Grange has a variety of different soils and vineyards of different sizes, allowing optimal growing conditions for each grape variety.
Domaine La Grange produces quality wines with great enthusiasm and passion. One is a member of TERRA VITIS, a well-organised association committed to sustainable viticulture and biodiversity in the vineyard. Not surprisingly, birds, butterflies, lizards, beetles and plants feel at home in our vineyard. Unfortunately, wild boars also love the place and pay the occasional visit.

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