Domaine la Guintrandy, Côtes du Rhône ‘Guntrano’ 2021


  • Côtes du Rhône has a spicy fruity nose.
  • Powerful and full.
  • Very good price-quality balance.
  • Organic
  • Old vines (vielles vignes)
  • Domaine la Guintrandy, Côtes du Rhône ‘Guntrano’

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“Discover the Organic Winemaking Excellence at Domaine la Guintrandy Estate”

La Guintrandy Estate, nestled in the heart of the enchanting Visan commune in the Vaucluse department, is your gateway to a world of exceptional organic wines. With a history dating back to 1850, our vineyard has been a cherished family property for generations, with Marie-Claude and Olivier Cuilleras now proudly representing the fifth and sixth generation of dedicated winegrowers.

Our vineyards thrive in the prestigious “Le Devès” terroir of Visan, characterized by stony soils rich in blue marl. Committed to organic cultivation practices since 2000, we believe that our wines should reflect the purity of our land, characterized by its clay-limestone composition.

Our sustainable viticultural methods ensure harmony between the vines and the environment. We plow the land across the entire row width, “soussolé” annually for holistic soil aeration, and to encourage deep root penetration. We only employ organic fertilizers when soil analysis indicates deficiencies, using locally sourced vegethumus and compost.

When it comes to protecting our vineyard against common grapevine diseases such as Mildew and Oidium, we rely on treatments containing sulfur and copper, carefully tailored to climatic conditions and the specific needs of each plot, all in accordance with the highest environmental standards.

At harvest time, we assemble a dedicated team of twelve to sixteen grape-pickers for the meticulous manual harvesting process, ensuring that only the finest grapes make it into our wines.

La Guintrandy Estate, an enclave of the Popes spanning the Visan, Tulette, and Cairanne territories, continues to champion the rich winemaking heritage of the region. With a commitment to organic principles, a family legacy reaching back to 1850, and a passion for producing outstanding wines, Olivier Cuilleras invites you to explore the captivating world of La Guintrandy’s organic viniculture.

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Grape variety

85% de Grenache, 10% de Mourvèdre et 5% de Syrah


Département du Vaucluse

Country of origin



Côte du Rhône AOP

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