Domaine la Guintrandy, Rasteau 2019


  • Purplish, rich and velvety
  • Powerful and rijp notes of figs, black pepper and kirsch
  • Round and generous, silky tannins.
  • Good ripening potential.
  • Domaine la Guintrandy, Rasteau

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“Domaine la Guintrandy Rasteau is a wine that embodies tradition and terroir excellence. Crafted through meticulous manual harvesting and traditional vinification techniques, this cuvée is a testament to the rich history of the vineyard.

With a deep commitment to organic farming that dates back to 1850, this family-owned estate, currently in the hands of Marie-Claude and Olivier Cuilleras, represents the fifth and sixth generations of dedicated winegrowers. “La Guintrandy” is nestled on the revered terroir of Visan, known as “Le Devès,” ensuring a unique and distinct character to their wines.

The vineyards, nurtured over decades, are cultivated through organic methods, mirroring the essence of the clay-limestone soil. The land is tilled along the entire row width and aerated once a year, enhancing root penetration and nutrient absorption. Organic fertilizers, such as vegethumus and locally sourced compost, are employed to address any nutrient deficiencies detected through analysis.

Furthermore, their approach to disease control is environmentally conscious. Mildew and oidium are managed with sulfur and copper-based treatments, adapted to climatic conditions, plot sensitivities, and the specific wine type. This ensures not only the quality of the wine but also the preservation of the natural ecosystem.

Domaine la Guintrandy Rasteau 2019 originates from the exceptional clay-limestone terroir of Rasteau, where the vines have thrived for 40 to 70 years. Each vintage of this wine showcases elegance, precise aromas, and a delightful freshness, making it a true embodiment of the family’s passion and commitment to their land.”

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Grape variety

70% Grenache noir, 15% Mourvèdre et 15% Syrah

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Rasteau AOP

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