Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Pouilly Fuissè “Ancestral” 2022


  • Light touch of toast.
  • Fresh and rich but elegant
  • Citrus
  • Long aftertaste
  • Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Pouilly Fuissè “Ancestral”

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“Domaine Sangouard-Guyot’s ‘Ancestral’ Pouilly Fuissé: A Timeless Odyssey of Quality Chardonnay”

In the idyllic landscapes of southern Burgundy, a captivating family-owned vineyard known as Domaine Sangouard-Guyot unfolds a narrative steeped in history and enduring quality. This tale, as intricate as the wines it crafts, stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication to winemaking within the Sangouard family.

This journey commenced many decades ago when Henri Sangouard first planted his vineyards in the Macon region. With meticulous care and unwavering commitment, he nurtured the finest Chardonnay grapes. His dream was to create wines that would truly capture the essence of the land, the gentle slopes, and the unique terroir of Macon-Villages.

As time passed, Henri’s son, Pierre Sangouard, assumed the mantle of winemaking. He was not only a custodian of the land but also an innovator in the cellar. While respecting age-old traditions handed down through generations, he introduced sustainable practices and modern winemaking techniques.

Under Pierre’s watchful guidance, the Domaine’s reputation soared. Their Macon-Villages wines gained renown for their refreshing acidity, lively citrus notes, and the unmistakable minerality echoing the region’s limestone-rich soils. The family’s commitment to sustainable viticulture not only elevated their wines but also preserved the land for future generations.

The pièce de résistance at Domaine Sangouard-Guyot was unquestionably their Pouilly-Fuissé. This wine bore Pierre’s distinctive signature, exuding elegance and complexity. It was a harmonious blend of orchard fruits, subtle hints of vanilla, and a lingering finish that left wine enthusiasts in awe.

Pierre’s children, Isabelle and Luc, joined him in the family endeavor, each contributing their unique passions and expertise. Isabelle, with a profound respect for tradition, ensured the safeguarding of time-honored winemaking practices. Luc, the visionary, consistently pushed boundaries to create wines that amazed and delighted.

Over the years, Domaine Sangouard-Guyot continued to flourish. Their wines graced tables worldwide, captivating wine aficionados with the enchantment crafted in their cellars. The family recognized that their success was not solely a result of their expertise but was deeply rooted in the terroir, the land, and the generations that preceded them.

Today, as you wander through the vineyards of Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, you can feel the spirits of Henri, Pierre, Isabelle, and Luc in every rustling leaf and plump grape. The winery stands as a tribute to the enduring legacy of a family devoted to the art of winemaking – a tale of passion, tradition, innovation, and boundless affection for the land and its abundant wines. And so, the wines of Domaine Sangouard-Guyot persist in weaving their captivating narrative, one bottle at a time, capturing the essence of Macon in every sip.

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