Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Saint Veran “Au Brûlé” 2022


  • Citrus aromas
  • Hawthorn and rosehip
  • Complex aromas with a very pleasant freshness
  • Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Saint Veran “Au Brûlé”

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Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Saint Veran “Au Brûlé”  is made from a 0.80 hectare parcel in the commune of Leynes.
The altitude of the appellation, it produces a powerful wine with great finesse, mineral and floral notes mineral and floral notes enhanced by ageing in barrels for 5-8 years. Grapes are harvested by hand.
The vineyards are situated on mainly limestone and loamy soils and the vines are around 25 years old.

In the heart of Saint-Véran in Burgundy, the vineyard held a unique secret. Legend had it that a blazing sun had scorched the earth, leaving an indelible mark on the Chardonnay grapes grown there.

The Sangouard-Guyot family, custodians of this land, lovingly cultivated these grapes, harnessing the sun’s essence. With a masterful touch, they transformed the fruit into “Au Brûlé” wine, a symphony of flavors: ripe apples, pears, a hint of citrus, and the unmistakable Burgundian minerality.

Each bottle of “Au Brûlé” told a story of time and place, a testament to the family’s dedication. It became a symbol of Saint-Véran’s winemaking excellence, shared among friends, family, and the world, an ode to the sun’s kiss and the Sangouard-Guyot legacy.

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