Fattoria di Basciano, Chianti Rufina 2020


  • Lots of fruit, blackberries, cherries and a hint of spice.
  • Elegant wine
  • Hand harvested.
  • Delicious with dishes with tomato, such as spaghetti Bolognese or pizza.
  • Fattoria di Basciano, Chianti, Rufina

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Sourced from carefully selected vineyards near Rufina, Tuscany, our wines capture the essence of a terroir blessed by sun-drenched hills at altitudes ranging from 300 to 350 meters. The grapes undergo a carefully monitored fermentation process in stainless steel tanks, allowing the development of nuanced flavors that reflect the unique characteristics of our vineyard. After this transformative phase, the wine embarks on a 12-month maturation in thoughtfully chosen, used French oak barrels, imparting a touch of elegance and depth to the final product.

The Masi family, stewards of winemaking heritage since 1900, has woven their passion into the fabric of Chianti, with Basciano as the embodiment of their commitment. Nestled in the esteemed Rufina wine village, the winery not only pays homage to the classics—Chianti and Chianti Riserva—but also explores contemporary expressions of winemaking.

At the zenith of our portfolio stands the Rufina Riserva, a true showcase of Basciano’s winemaking artistry, released under its distinguished name. Beyond this flagship, Fattoria di Basciano introduces I Pini and Il Corto, meticulously crafted blends aged in French barriques, channeling the sophistication reminiscent of Super Tuscans. These wines, curated from grapes cultivated in our own vineyard, embody a fusion of tradition and modernity—a celebration of Tuscan heritage with a contemporary twist. Each bottle invites you to embark on a journey through the flavors and aromas that define our corner of Tuscany, a testament to the artistry and dedication that defines Basciano.

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Grape variety

Colorino, Sangiovese

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Chianti Rufina DOC

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