Mancura, Pinot noir Reserva ‘Guardian’ 2020


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  • Mancura, Pinot noir Reserva ‘Guardian’

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The name Mancura is a reference to the Andean condor. For the Chileans, this bird is symbolic as the guardian ‘guardian’ of the country. The Andean condor is a species of vulture found in South America with a wing span of as much as 3 metres. This condor is among the largest bird species in the world.
The remarkable thing about the wines made by Mancura is the exceptionally favourable price-quality ratio; each wine offers great quality at a very favourable price. The balanced composition of Mancura wines makes them easy to combine with a variety of dishes, but they can also be enjoyed on their own.

Sustainability: ‘Certified sustainable wine of Chile’ Mancura is very proud to be the first wine company in Chile to achieve the sustainability code ‘Certified sustainable wine of Chile’. For this, Mancura had to meet a number of strict criteria in the areas of: vineyards, winery and community (suppliers, employees, government). The certification is a result of the company’s policy to operate as sustainably as possible.

Elongated South American Chile is one of the most ideal wine countries in the world. ‘Chile is a plant greenhouse, whose roof God forgot’. It is a favourite metaphor of Chileans to express how perfect the climate is in their elongated country. Over the past 30 years, Chilean viticulture has modernised enormously. The ideal viticultural climate, well-trained winemakers and the best winemaking technique , produce delicious fruity quality wines loved all over the world. Chilean wines are clearly wines from New World wine countries but with a European touch. They are often made from French grape varieties, but are generally smoother, fruitier, juicier and more accessible than their European counterparts.

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