Roeno, Marzemino La Rua 2021


  • Strawberries, redcurrants and violets.
  • Silky wine, red berries, flowers
  • Spicy touch of thyme and rosemary.
  • Roeno, Marzemino La Rua

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“Marzemino, an indigenous grape variety predominantly found in Trentino, thrives in the ideal microclimate of the region. These vineyards, primarily located on southern slopes and cultivated as pergolas, yield exceptional grapes.

Following the harvest, the grapes undergo destemming and gentle crushing before fermenting in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures. Regular pumping over is employed to achieve the desired color and tannin levels. Post-fermentation, the wine matures for several months in stainless steel tanks.

Hailing from the ‘Le Fratte’ vineyard in Valdadige, a prominent wine region in northern Italy, the vineyards are perched on steep slopes with excellent zonal exposure, and the grapes are meticulously handpicked.

Roeno, positioned on the border of Veneto and Alto Adige to the east of Lake Garda, is a family business established in the 1960s by Rolando Fugatti. The second generation, namely Roberta, Cristina, and Giuseppe, now carries the legacy. Roeno is renowned for producing fresh, mountain-clean wines that showcase the region’s distinctive characteristics. Notably, they craft exceptional red wines from local grape varieties like Marzemino and Teroldego and work with Müller Thurgau, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay.

Roeno, a winery located around 30 kilometers north of Lake Garda on the Veneto-Alto Adige border, places a strong emphasis on the Alto Adige terroir. Since its establishment in the 1960s, Roeno has gained a reputation among locals for its fine dining experiences.

Roeno stands out for its quality wines sourced from limestone-rich terroirs. The vineyards cover various origin areas, including the relatively young IGP Vallagarina for Marzemino and Teroldego. The Rìvoli region, nestled between Affi and Brentino Belluno, is considered by Roeno as the prime location for Pinot Grigio. Here, they create a distinct almost reddish-hued Pinot Grigio that undergoes light wood aging—a true specialty.”

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Valdadige DOC

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