Rooiberg, Red Muscadel 2018


Muscats du Monde Gold Medal |



  • Super seductive dessert wine, full, soft and sweet in taste.
  • Taste impressions of ripe cherries, wild strawberries, dates and sweet sultanas.
  • Goes very well with sweet desserts with chocolate, nuts and candied fruit and fantastic in combination with various blue-veined and mature (hard) cheeses.
  • Rooiberg, Red muscadel

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During vinification, the red sweet Muscat grapes are pressed. The grapes are brought to the cellar in one batch and are kept cool in a rototank for optimal colour and flavour extraction.

In the production of Red Muscatel, there is no fermentation and the juice is separated from the skins after two days. The juice is then enriched by adding 96% A/V wine spirit to reach an alcohol content of 6 – 16.5%. The juice is then stirred continuously in order to integrate the juice and alcohol as quickly as possible. The wine is then stabilised and filtered and kept in a stainless steel tank until bottling.
Storage potential: 6 years.

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Grape variety

Red Muscatel

Country of origin

South Africa



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