Villa Pozzi, Pinot Grigio 2021


  • Ripe exotic fruits such as pineapple, orange, ripe peach and pear.
  • The finish is dry, slightly spicy due to the distinctive ‘grigio’ spiciness.
  • Deliciously fresh, full-bodied, exotic flavour.
  • Villa Pozzi, Pinot Grigio

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The Pozzi family is a true Italian wine family. Originally from Cremona in northern Italy. The first generation Pozzi’s were well-known wine merchants in the region. Barrels of wine from all over Italy were bought and traded by horse and cart. In the 2006, a generations-old dream came true, winemaking on the beautiful island of Sicily. Danielle Pozzi makes the wines, using only grapes of superior quality. Danielle makes delicious, accessible, super juicy wines from them. They are ideal house wines that appeal to a wide audience. Perfect as an aperitif, ‘loose’ by the glass and paired with appetisers, appetizers and dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.
Sicily is Italy in a pressure cooker! Everything on this island seems a bit more beautiful, ugly, delicious and fierce than in the rest of the country. And this certainly applies to the wines. From the sweet Marsala, the bone-dry wines from Grillo grape to the fresh reds around Etna and the sun-drenched, full-bodied sultry reds from ‘black devil’ grape Nero d’Avola. The great variety in wine goes hand in hand with the diversity of Sicilian cuisine, with local delicacies such as: Caponata, fish-cousous, grilled swordfish and showcases full of super-fresh dolci, the most famous of which, the ricotta-filled, Canolli.

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