Cignomoro, OttoCento, Negroamaro 2021


  • Intense ruby red colour,
  • The nose has a fresh bouquet reminiscent of small berries.
  • On the palate, it is full and round, retaining structure and fruit sweetness without sacrificing freshness and roundness.
  • Cignomoro, OttoCento, Negroamaro

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Cignomoro: Crafting Unique Wines with a Passion for Puglia.
Nestled in the heart of Puglia, Cignomoro stands as a boutique winery that extols the virtues of slowness, care, and artisanal craftsmanship. Every facet of our winemaking process reflects our unwavering commitment to uniqueness, imbued with love and meticulous attention from the vineyard to your glass. Established in 2008, Cignomoro had a clear mission: to challenge the monotony of flavors and bring to life Apulian wines that captivate with elegance and harmony in every sip.

As a “Boutique Winery,” we pride ourselves on producing a limited, almost tenderly nurtured collection, personally shepherded from grape clusters to the moment it touches your palate. Our dedication to astonishing discerning palates is unwavering.

We have unwavering faith in our land and the authenticity of our wine. Our approach seamlessly melds modern winemaking techniques with age-old practices that verge on ritual, such as hand-harvesting grapes. We cherish our role as valiant stewards of this ancient land, without compromise. A Cignomoro wine immediately distinguishes itself through its elegance, balance, finesse, and harmonious individuality. Our choices are deliberate and conscientious.

In our vineyards of Salento, grapes are painstakingly hand-harvested towards the end of September. The vine density is 4,500 plants per hectare, yielding approximately 2,500 grams per plant. These grapes are treated with precision in temperature-controlled steel vats, each step in our winemaking journey an earnest endeavor to craft a wine that speaks for itself.

The omnipotent forces of the sun, wind, and sea converge to bestow each sip with an unmistakable uniqueness. We’ve chosen the red earth nestled between Manduria and Carosino, leveraging cutting-edge vinification techniques without forsaking the values of a family-owned winery. It’s our solemn commitment to ensure that Cignomoro’s wines stand among the finest in Puglia.

We respect nature’s innate rhythms, never rushing what shouldn’t be hastened. Those who choose Cignomoro select a wine that unequivocally reflects their identity. Every Cignomoro wine proudly adheres to sustainable production practices, a testament to our dedication to the environment.

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