Domaine de Champarlan, Menetou Salon 2021


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  • Fresh nose, citrus, green apple.
  • Deliciously dry Menetou Salon, fine minerality.
  • The domain is transforming to organic viticulture ( Conversion Bio)
  • Citrus fruit, green apple.
  • An excellent year!
  • Domaine de Champarlan, Menetou Salon

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The Domaine de Champarlan is located in the commune of Humbligny, in the Cher department.

In the Menetou-Salon appellation, in Humbligny, the young winemakers David Girard (established in 2003) and his brother Luc (2011) are leading a 4.5 ha vineyard in a development phase: new plantings, new vinification and maturing cellar.

The terroir of the Domaine de Champarlan is based on Kimmeridgian and Portlandian soil, with limestone sediments from the Upper Jurassic period.
They grow only 100% Sauvignon for the whites and 100% Pinot Noir for the reds.
The vineyard driving method is called “reasoned viticulture” (without accreditation) with the few interventions as possible. We take great care to avoid as much as possible insecticides and anti rot on the vines. 60% of our vineyard is grassed, to compete our vines, to explore the best of our land and at the same time to prevent the erosion of our hillsides because nothing is more important than preserving the richness of our precious land.
All of our fields for the red wines are disbudded, splited and stripped by hand, sunny side. For white wines, it depends on the output of the clusters in the spring and the climate of the vintage. For the harvest they are mechanical and the grapes are transported in in double bottom dump to avoid any maceration of drip juice with the harvest. The grapes are then transported by conveyor belt to the press (no pump). The pneumatic pressing is done at low pressure to avoid any triturations of grapes and the juice is put into vats for fermentation, in stainless steel tanks with control of the temperatures to extract the best aromas among 15 and 17 ° C.

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