Renzo Masi, Contrappasso 2020


  • Lots of fruit, blackberries, cherries
  • Hint of spice.
  • Plumy, elegant wine.
  • Hand harvested.
  • Renzo Masi, Contrappasso

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This wine is made according to the 14th century Tuscan Governo method. The Sangiovese is picked at the usual time. The Syrah is picked later, and is therefore extra ripe. The Syrah grapes are hung out to dry for a short time, so that the flavour is concentrated. The grapes are fermented separately and then blended.
The grapes come from different vineyards in Tuscany.

The Masi family is a wine-growing family at heart and has been making wine in the Chianti region since 1900. The winery is located in the famous wine village Rufina, where they make Chianti, Chianti Riserva and a number of more modern styles. For example, the Rosso di Toscana ‘Erta e China’, which literally means ‘up and down’, referring to the manual harvest in the cru’s of Rufina. In addition, they have recently started making a fairly unique for Tuscan standards Appassimento style of Sangiovese and the ‘jammy’ Syrah, called Contrappasso.

For the past fifteen years, the company has been committed to a research programme for the highest quality level. These efforts have led to a new winery for winemaking and ageing.
Renzo Masi is a small trading house in Rufina, Chianti. It was established in the 1930s by Renzo Masi, the grandfather of Paolo Masi, the current owner and winemaker. Paolo makes wines in a modern, fruit-driven style, without abandoning classic Tuscan values.

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Sweet / Dry
Low / High Acidity
Light / Medium / full bodied

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Grape variety

Sangiovese, Syrah

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